Google Power Stack

The Google Power Stack is a heavy-hitting SEO strategy that uses the high-ranking status of various Google properties. This method involves creating multiple backlinks from several Google platforms such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Images, and Blogger among others.

This tactic offers three key benefits. Firstly, it quickly increases the authority of a website because these backlinks are indexed swiftly. Secondly, as Google's algorithm tends to prioritize its own properties, these platforms are naturally seen as high-authority sources online. Lastly, they can handle thousands of tier 2 backlinks, such as sape links, because their properties can handle it/won't be penalized.

Thus, by ordering the Google Power Stack, you can effectively improve your website's visibility and credibility!


Does this stack also improve my google business profile (maps section with the reviews)?
Yes, this is especially great for local SEO rankings.

Is it beneficial to build even more links to the google site/amazon/google cloud/microsoft/alibaba site?
Yes. These are extremely authoritative websites that are able to handle as many backlinks as you can give them.


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